World Teachers’ Day 2023: How EKOEXCEL is transforming Lagos State public primary school teachers into globally competitive educators

October 6, 2023

On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day 2023, Lagos State takes center stage in celebrating the transformation of its public primary school teachers into globally competitive educators through the EKO Excellence in Child Education and Learning (EKOEXCEL) program. This pioneering initiative, launched by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in 2019, not only redefines the classroom experience but also empowers teachers to excel on the world stage.

Empowering Educators for Global Excellence

In a world where quality education is the cornerstone of progress, Lagos State’s public primary school teachers are experiencing a renaissance, thanks to EKOEXCEL. This groundbreaking program is not just about raising student achievements; it’s about nurturing a generation of educators who can stand tall in any international setting.

Comrade Akintoye Hassan, the Chairman of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Lagos Chapter, underscores the profound impact of teachers on society’s future. He emphasizes that teachers are architects of change, and EKOEXCEL is facilitating their evolution into globally competitive professionals.

In a recent interview on EKO FM, Comrade Akintoye Hassan passionately commended the EKOEXCEL program. He stated, “EKOEXCEL has been a beacon of hope for education in Lagos State. It’s not just a program; it’s a transformational journey for our educators. We’ve witnessed remarkable strides, and it’s clear that this initiative is empowering our teachers to become globally competitive.”

EKOEXCEL’s Resounding Success in Teacher Empowerment

EKOEXCEL’s journey in empowering teachers has yielded remarkable results. One key facet is its emphasis on continuous professional development. The program offers various workshops and access to advanced teaching resources. These investments ensure that educators are equipped with the latest pedagogical skills and teaching methods, enhancing their effectiveness in the classroom.

Additionally, EKOEXCEL recognizes the significance of technology in modern education. The program has ensured that teachers are well-versed in its use. This tech-savvy approach equips educators with the tools needed to create dynamic and engaging learning environments.

Another fundamental shift brought about by EKOEXCEL is its approach to discipline. Departing from punitive measures, the program emphasizes positive reinforcement. This shift has led to elevated teacher morale and a nurturing learning atmosphere where students thrive.

Celebrating Excellence in Teaching

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of teachers within the EKOEXCEL program, the Lagos State government has established various awards and recognition initiatives. These accolades celebrate educators’ dedication, innovation, and commitment to embracing the program’s transformative approach to teaching.

Looking to the Future

As the world observes World Teachers’ Day in 2023, Lagos State stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when teachers are empowered and celebrated. EKOEXCEL’s commitment to nurturing globally competitive teachers not only transforms education within the state but also sets a standard that can inspire educational reform nationwide.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s visionary leadership and dedication to education illuminate a path toward a brighter future for Lagos State. By empowering teachers and equipping them to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, EKOEXCEL ensures that the state’s educators are prepared to make a lasting impact on the lives of their students and on the global stage.

This World Teachers’ Day, let us celebrate the educators of Lagos State who are not only shaping the minds of the future but are also empowered to shine brightly on the world’s stage, thanks to the transformative power of EKOEXCEL.

This article appeared originally on Daily Independent, October 6, 2023