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The Potential Of Africa’s Youth Is Enormous. We Must Ensure They Learn

“As Governor of Nigeria’s most populous state, home to Africa’s largest city, I carry the responsibility for maximizing the potential of our human capital, especially that of our young people.

That potential is great. We are a youthful country, with more than 40% below the age of 15. Already the largest in Africa, a young and growing population offers us the chance to build on Lagos State’s role as the economic hub of Nigeria, and Nigeria as the economic hub for the entire continent

Ensuring that Lagos can harness its growing population to drive prosperity, growth and security not only within the state but within the country requires an education system that delivers learning”.


Babajide Sanwo-Olu – Executive Governor Of Lagos State


Solutions To Learning Poverty

2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer’s ground-breaking study announcing learning gains among the largest ever measured in international education. The impact of the methodology, underpinning EKOEXCEL, is among the greatest of any rigorously studied intervention in emerging markets.


Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King


“LASUBEB through the EKOEXCEL initiative has succeeded in establishing a pupil’s sensitive and teachers engaging approach to learning and teaching in the state. This takes cognizance of the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic that are embedded in the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor learning designs. Our classrooms are more equipped to meet the needs of being more engaging and interactive”.

The LASUBEB chair is the dean of UBEC chairmen in Nigeria as a result of EKOEXCEL’s impacts

Shade Adegeye (Teacher Shade)


“One of the problems EKOEXCEL has come to solve is the introduction of innovation, as teachers had prior been using materials that they had been using for the past 5 – 10 years but EKOEXCEL has come to put a stop to that with tabs that are updated regularly, which has removed the stress of writing lesson notes”.


Teacher Shade became an internet sensation with her online classes using the EKOEXCEL methodology

Daniel Ajayi


“EKOEXCEL made it easier for our teachers to teach us, and it has impacted us with modern technology. I’ll advise those getting promotion to primary 6 to study hard and learn to be focused. EKOEXCEL has motivated me to come to school and enabled our teachers to teach us in a new way and it helped with my preparations for common entrance”.

Ayomide was the best performing EKOEXCEL pupil at the 2022 NCEE with a score of 198/210

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The EKO Excellence in Child Education and Learning (EKOEXCEL) programme is Lagos State Government’s statewide program launched by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in 2019 to transform ECCDE and Primary education in all Lagos State government schools, bringing 21st Century education that is child-centred and enabled by modern practices and technology to the state. EKOEXCEL has a data hub centre tagged “Situation Room”, which projects data from the EKOEXCEL data analytics platform called Spotlight, to multiple screens enabling real time collaboration for decision making.