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EKOEXCEL (Excellence in Child Education and Learning) is an education reform programme that is poised to develop more highly skilled teachers through training, supporting and motivating existing government teachers to succeed in their classrooms.

Visit the official recruitment portal via tescom.lagosstate.gov.ng or tescomjobs.lagosstate.gov.ng.

Lagos State Government through the LASUBEB agency own the schools while EKOEXCEL is a programme managed by the technical partner.

We have similar programmes in Edo state (EdoBEST) and in Kwara state (Kwara Learn)

Gbeleyi – Alimosho LGA (close to Ogun), Ajara, Gbenogbo under Badagry, Iju-Ajuwon Primary School, Methodist Badagry. For more information, kindly contact EKOEXCEL customer care via email : questions@ekoexcel.org.ng

All 1009 Lagos Public Primary Schools are under the the EKOEXCEL programme

Lagos teachers will be given lesson guides written by local curriculum experts. The lesson guides provide teachers with step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson most effectively. Teachers will receive a lesson guide for every single lesson they teach. Teachers are expected to follow the lesson guides closely for every class. This is to make sure that pupils receive the maximum amount of instruction possible each day. These lesson guides are delivered to teachers each day on a special tablet that each teacher uses during their lessons.

There are two ways to enroll into Lagos State EKOEXCEL schools, enrollment into Pre primary and  primary 1 grades and registration into primaries 2 to 5.

Textbooks are only for pupils on the EKOEXCEL program

Tuition is free for all Lagos State (EKOEXCEL) schools, there are only one off registration fees for primaries 2 to 5 as follows: NGN 2,000 for transfer from a Lagos State  public primary school to another, NGN3,000 for transfer from a private school within Lagos State to a Public Primary School, NGN 5,000 for transfers from other states in Nigeria to EKOEXCEL Schools. For pupils transferring from schools outside Nigeria to EKOEXCEL schools, the one-off transfer fee is NGN10,000.

EKOEXCEL schools are technology driven while conventional government schools use the traditional method of teaching (analog), use of lesson notes

By registering the child in an EKOEXCEL school as well as providing uniforms and writing materials for the child

Lagos State Primary (EKOEXCEL) Schools are leveraging on technology to support teachers in planning and delivering of lessons in all Lagos State Primary schools.

EKOEXCEL was based on Governor Babajide Sanwolu’s focus as captured in “We believe that Lagos State Schools should be number one nationally and that our public schools must compete favourably with schools globally”

To deliver on this vision, EKOEXCEL was launched to rapidly and dramatically improve LEARNING OUTCOMES for pupils in public primary schools across Lagos State.

In line with the above; primary education in Lagos State has seen substantial transformation in the following areas:

  1. Teacher Attendance
  2. Teacher content knowledge
  3. Time on Task
  4. Teacher Motivation
  5. Pupil Attendance 
  6. Teacher Motivation 
  7. Improvement Pupil’s Learning Outcomes; EKOEXCEL has already shown dramatic, research-proven gains in pupil learning
    1. Three times Rate of Learning, Compared to non-EKOEXCEL pupils
    2. Two times Rate of Learning in Numeracy, Compared to non-EKOEXCEL pupils

EKOEXCEL on track to TRIPLE % of proficient readers by P4