Self Study Activity Packets

EKOEXCEL@Home Self Study Activity Packets are scientifically-based to help students studying at home practice and learn core concepts from the Nigerian Syllabus. Self Study Activity Packets include sufficient practice problems, comprehension passages and other activities that help students progress through the core topics of the curriculum. More …

Learning Guides

EKOEXCEL@Home Learning Guides are parent-friendly Learning Guides designed to be able to be used by a member of the household with a student. Learning Guides are short lessons that can be easily led by an older member of the household, along with targeted practice and answer keys. More …

Interactive Audio Lessons

EKOEXCEL@Home Interactive Audio Lessons, are
a fun, engaging and interactive way for students
in each age group to learn at home. Interactive
Audio Lessons include stories, nonfiction passages, mathematics instruction and practice, songs and games to provide students with a joyful and engaging, while robust learning experience. More …

WhatsApp Quizzes

Quizzes are very effective in helping children retain what they learn. They serve pupils best when they are integrated within their learning plans. EKOEXCEL@Home WhatsApp Quizzes provide pupils an opportunity to practice a wide range of skills, from using vocabulary to solving math equations, and receiving instant feedback. More …

How do I Start Using EKOEXCEL@Home WhatsApp Quizzes?

1. Access the Quizzes

Text +234 1700 6149 on WhatsApp OR follow this link

2. Initiate Interaction

Once you are in the chatroom, type 0 to get started!

3. Choose & Take Quiz

Follow the instructions to select a quiz for your child’s grade and preferred subject. Enjoy as your child tests their knowledge!

4. Pick What to do Next

After the quiz, you can choose to take the quiz again, try a different subject, or be done.